Private Jets

Your private jet starts when you want it.

A private jet offers the maximum convenience, comfort, flexibility, time savings and, above all, discretion.

The advantages in detail:

  • individual charter flight regardless of the schedules of regular airlines
  • travel planning is tailored to your schedule and not vice versa
  • large selection of airports
  • significant time savings possible
  • private jets offer privacy and discretion
  • individual service on board

From turboprops to business jets - you have the choice!

You can choose from several types of aircraft and helicopters. You can book a small turboprop engine as well as an airliner for several hundred passengers. In addition, you can also rent a helicopter. We take care of all formalities around your charter flight. Just let us know when you'll need your jet, which route you want to fly and how many passengers you will take. We will quickly make an appropriate offer.