Personal Guide

Why a Personal Guide?

Ibiza is not only a beautiful island, but one of the most manifold places on earth.
On 572 km², there is an incredible variety of exciting things to discover, ranging from unique natural or cultural-historical treasures to the hippest clubs in the world.

The gastronomic scene is impressive and of exceptionally high quality.
The variety of offers ranges from tapas bars and authentic hippie pubs to trendy hotspots with a high density of celebrities.
Then there are countless shops of fashion designers of international standing, which have made Ibiza fashion famous in the world.
In addition, there is hardly a sport that cannot be exercised on Ibiza.

Ibiza is unique in the world, just because there is almost nothing that does not exist here.
Trends are set and then spread around the world, not only but especially in the fields of fashion, music and the club scene.
There certainly is a reason why there are guests from all over the world among our customers.

The 572 km² of Ibiza offer countless things you should see, hear, feel or taste.
And then there is also the unique and beautiful island Formentera with Europe's best beaches...

But how do you find these unique places, the most beautiful beaches, the best restaurants, the hippest clubs or even the most authentic hippie pub?
How can you spend a relaxing vacation and still enjoy the highlights of the island? Perhaps you are only 1-2 weeks on the island and have neither the time nor feel like spending hours looking for things or places that represent Ibiza at its best?

Our personal guide Bernhard, called Bernardo, knows the island like the back of his hand. For more than 15 years, Bernardo is working on Ibiza as a certified hiking guide and skipper. Bernardo speaks German, English and Spanish and is like no other person able to share the magic of Ibiza with you.
Whether it is unique nature, sports, Caribbean beaches, cool bars, first class restaurants or hip clubs, the native Tyrolean spends the day or evening with you in the way you want and ensures that your dream of the perfect Ibiza holiday comes true.

You are welcome to ask for more detailed information regarding our Ibiza and Formentera tours.
We guarantee holiday experiences you won't forget!

Four day programs to choose:

Discover the original Ibiza - variant 1

Discover the original Ibiza - variant 2

Allround on Ibiza - the unforgettable day

Allround on Formentera - the unforgettable day